Juliana Martinhago
Product Designer at Monzo


Juliana Martinhago is a Product Designer at Monzo Bank. It's one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Europe, with over 35,000 accounts being opened every week. Monzo is revolutionising banking in the UK, with the mission of making money work for everyone - by solving real problems, treating customers fairly and being totally transparent.


Talk Details

Building great products and successful teams

At Monzo, we've grown from 3 designers to 21 designers in just over a year. I work with engineers, product managers, researchers and people from different disciplines everyday. And although we focus on different parts of the product, we all have one thing in common: collaborating to create great solutions.

But how do we do that in a fast-paced environment where the context is ever changing? How do we ship impactful features as fast as we can? And how do we successfully work as a team whilst focusing on everyone's strengths? These are just a few of the challenges we've faced so far and I'll talk about how we're tackling them at Monzo.