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Leo Frishberg

Principal at Phase II and Director, UX, athenahealth (He/Him)


With over 30 years of experience in design management and design—as both a bricks-and-mortar architect and a UX designer—Leo drives highly differentiated and innovative solutions. 

At athenahealth, Leo leads a dynamic team of UX professionals in delivering an emerging collaborative healthcare system for all. Previously, at the Home Depot QuoteCenter, Leo headed up an amazing UX team driving innovative experiences for professional contractors. In his prior design management position at Intel, he led several initiatives to improve multi-site / multi-timezone collaboration. And, as Principal UX Architect for Tektronix’s Logic Analyzer product line, he spearheaded product vision and definition for the next generation of electronic measurement instruments. Leo is a Certified Scrum Product Owner and licensed architect. With his collaborator, Charles Lambdin, 

Leo co-authored the Morgan Kaufmann book Presumptive Design: Design Provocations for Innovation. In addition to his long standing professional interests, Leo has enjoyed the privileges of living in the Pacific Northwest of the US, including partaking of exemplary Pinot Noirs.

Talk Details

The Collaborative Organization

Long before COVID-19 dismantled our everyday working relationships, organizations have studied ways to improve their teams’ abilities to work together. With the world slowly recovering, leaders are re-thinking their perspective on work, re-visiting many of the key questions about collaborating in shared physical space. 

  • To what extent has this past year’s disruption irrevocably changed the way we work? 
  • How can we accommodate flexible arrangements, sometimes onsite, sometimes remote? 
  • What combination of policies, incentives and technologies will enable our teams to collaborate regardless of where they sit? 

As it turns out, these questions are not any simpler to answer today than they were in the past, but at their root lies an even more fundamental question: What does it mean to collaborate? 

In this talk, Frishberg offers a framework comprising three lenses into the idea of collaboration. By looking at collaboration through these lenses, leaders can begin to address many of the pressing questions they have about working together in the contemporary era.