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Panel discussion

Gyles Morrison, Allison Huang, Simon Norris

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Diverse teams: The superpower of collaboration.

Join our panel of experts on Friday 16th July 2021 at 3pm BST to examine how we can boost our company’s joint intellectual potential by ensuring we are enriching our employee pools with representatives of different genders, races, and nationalities.

It has been well documented that increased diversity in teams lead to better business. Working in teams with people that think, and act differently can enrich your work, encouraging better problem solving and innovation. Diversity can foster closer collaboration which in turn can challenge you to overcome stale ways of thinking, and unconscious biases that act as a catalyst to sharpen performance - a superpower.

How can we ensure our organisations are set up to encourage diversity? How can we ensure we are following inclusive practices so that everyone feels they can be heard and valued?