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Astrid van Waveren | Collaborate Conference Bristol
Astrid van Waveren Headshot

Astrid van Waveren

Principal UX Consultant at Nomensa

Collaborate Conference Flourish
Astrid van Waveren is speaking at this year's event


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What UX Strategy can Learn from Existentialism

We're constantly being asked to come in as an expert, clients/stakeholders want certainty - but there's not always a clear answer. With technological advances, political unrest and more, the world is complex and unpredictable... and so are users.

UX strategists experience constant threat/stress/doubt in the work they do and whether they're choosing the right approach. How do you hold the uncertainty while coming across as credible and providing a solution that meets their aims?

In this talk, Astrid will explore how we can break free of convention through creative collaboration, embrace ambiguity and lean into authenticity to design genuine experiences.

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