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Chris Richards | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Chris Richards

Creative Director at Nomensa

Collaborate Conference Flourish
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Chris Richards is a digital creative with 14 years’ experience, with clientele that includes Virgin Media, Dropbox, Disney and National Trust.

Talk details

The Evolution of Convenience

Janus, the Greek god of change looked both to the future and back at the present

In this talk we will review three key areas of technological progression in history to identify how our path towards change in art, commerce and industry repeats the same core needs to a higher level of human and machine experience.

From the industrial revolution to promise of automation, this talk will give us insight to the processes of today and how they will inform the designers of the future, expect to enjoy a trip of nostalgic sentiments, different perspectives of today’s technology and culture, as well as far-out concepts for tomorrow based on the repeated needs of the past.

Watch The Evolution of Convenience by Chris Richards on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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