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Joe Knowles | Collaborate Conference Bristol
Joe Knowles UX Director at Nomensa headshot

Joe Knowles

Director of User Experience at Nomensa

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Joe is Director of UX at Nomensa, he’s an experienced and pragmatic user experience specialist with an academic background in psychology and ergonomics. He is particularly interested in Lean UX, user research, and strategy – this is where Joe’s in-depth knowledge and strong skillset shine through. His skillsets span both service design and user research.

Joe’s ability to improve design processes and increase empathy allows him to shape an approach where user needs are the focal point of every project he is involved in and to provide the clients with insights to deliver commercial success.

Talk details

Free will and the case for cognitive diversity

Whether we have free will is a contentious subject in philosophy and neuroscience, but there is good evidence to suggest that many of the decisions we make are automatic and not conscious. In fact, most decisions end up in our consciousness, rather than originate there.

What does this mean for us? There are implications for research and how we make the product/ service decisions we do, but bigger implications for cognitive diversity and collaboration.

People can’t help how they think, but it’s very well documented that different perspectives have a huge effect on creativity and problem solving – and ultimately the success of our teams.

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