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Lisa Campana | Collaborate Conference Bristol

Lisa Campana

Head Of Design at MOO

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With 23 years of communication design experience under her belt, Lisa loves pushing the boundaries to go beyond just functional design. Over her career she’s worked for brands such as Disney, Bacardi, Blinkbox, and Channel 4 Television – and is now Head of Design at MOO. 

Having worked across branding, packaging, television, video, print, events, mobile, digital, you name it – Lisa thrives on problem solving. Call it a habit, or possibly an obsession, but she loves the challenge of working with new and emerging formats. Not surprisingly, Lisa was responsible for bringing some of the first e-commerce sites and online multi-platform experiences to life. Over her 10 year career at Channel 4 she oversaw the redesign of,, and, and helped to create an online fanbase for shows like Skins, Big Brother and more.

At MOO, she manages the creative team in London – her dream team of designers, photographers, copywriters, artworkers and illustrators. She makes sure all in-house creative is on brand and sprinkled with MOO’s signature surprise and delight. In her spare time (of which there is precious little!), Lisa gets daily lessons in creativity from her 6 year-old daughter and from her husband, an equally creative, slightly mad-scientist. 

Talk details

The Power of Personality: Why Just Being Usable Alone Doesn’t Cut It

Think of your favourite app or website, one that you use every day, truly love and share with other people. What is it that keeps you coming back for more? Do you love it because it’s usable, or rather, is there some slightly intangible quality that you connect with on a deeper level?

I believe our role as experience designers is to craft engaging products that connect with our audience on a level that goes beyond just being usable. But how do you create that long-lasting connection between your customer and your product?

In this talk we’ll look at how to define and integrate your brand’s personality into your overall brand experience, one that creates a customer connection and generates a following of true brand fanatics.

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