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Luke O'Connor | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Luke O’Connor

Senior User Researcher at Condé Nast

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Luke O’Connor, a Senior User Researcher in the Condé Nast Technology team, specialises in supporting the commerce space. 

He collaborates across technology domains, designing and implementing research initiatives that incorporate first-hand customer insights to inform product direction and strategic business growth. With experience spanning discovery and optimisation of existing products in property, telecommunications, and travel industries, Luke brings a wealth of expertise to Conde Nast.

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Condé Code – The Power of Cross-functional Collaboration

In today’s intricate design landscape, characterised by diverse challenges spanning disciplines, brands, locations, audiences, and technologies, teamwork is paramount. 

Embracing cross-functional collaboration is the cornerstone of future design success at Condé Nast. A collaborative approach streamlines complex projects, accelerates processes, and encourages innovative solutions, keeping teams aligned with ever-evolving user expectations.

In this session, we’ll draw from the experiences of our designers at Condé Nast to uncover insights into streamlining project workflows, accelerating creative processes, and nurturing a culture of innovation. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving user expectations that drive successful design, and join us for this illuminating session that highlights the power of cross-functional collaboration in shaping the future of successful design.

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