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Simon Kisner | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Simon Kisner

Digital Delivery Manager and Digital Accessibility Lead at British Airways

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Simon Kisner is speaking at this year's event


Simon is a Digital Delivery Manager and Digital Accessibility Lead at British Airways.

He has a history in digital accessibility going back to his days working in BBC Education just after the dawn of the Over the past 5 years he’s worked closely with the leadership and the discipline teams at and around the business, to change the thinking and understanding about Digital Accessibility.

Over the last year our efforts to improve the experience for our customers with disabilities has been recognised by our home regulator, the CAA, our peers at the Digital Accessibility Awards and our colleagues at BA.

Talk details

Trying to turn an ocean liner at an airline

British Airways has had an accessibility provision for many years but on a cold winters day in 2018 the responsibility for making some significant change fell to me. At Collaborate this year I’ll talk you through how we shifted understanding of Accessibility in our digital teams, brought our leaders on board and began our journey to delivering a more inclusive for our customers.

You will no doubt hear some familiar challenges faced by anyone picking up the accessibility mantle within a business and will gain an understanding of how to start turning the ocean liner around, so your business will be facing in the right direction to meet your accessibility goals. It’s a long and lonely game but don’t lose heart, the rewards for you and your customers are great and you’re never alone!

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