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Condé Code – The Power of Cross-functional Collaboration

In today’s intricate design landscape, characterised by diverse challenges spanning disciplines, brands, locations, audiences, and technologies, teamwork is paramount.  Embracing cross-functional collaboration is the cornerstone of future design success at Condé Nast. A collaborative approach streamlines complex projects, accelerates processes, and encourages innovative solutions, keeping teams aligned with ever-evolving user expectations. In this session, we’ll […]

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Empathy Lab

More than one in five people in the UK have a disability, so it is essential that your digital estates are fully accessible and you are aware of the barriers users face when interacting with your digital products and services. This is why we’ve launched our Empathy Labs; to provide valuable insights into the experiences […]

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The Practitioners Guide to the AI Galaxy

Chris and Gareth, long-time collaborators and close friends within Bristol’s vibrant creative and UX community, have always been strong advocates for innovation in the digital space. In their upcoming talk, they will explore the contrast between hype and real-world impact for professionals in UX design, development, and creative direction. Through a practical demonstration of a […]

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