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The Practitioners Guide to the AI Galaxy | Collaborate Conference Bristol

Group Talk

Our sector's brightest thinkers and creators discuss key topics.

Collaborate Conference Flourish
A group talk from a past event


Chris Richards
Chris Richards Creative Director and Lead Product Design at Nomensa and Freelance
Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams Lead UX - Service & Product Design at Freelance

Group Talk details

The Practitioners Guide to the AI Galaxy

Chris and Gareth, long-time collaborators and close friends within Bristol’s vibrant creative and UX community, have always been strong advocates for innovation in the digital space.

In their upcoming talk, they will explore the contrast between hype and real-world impact for professionals in UX design, development, and creative direction. Through a practical demonstration of a prototype currently in development, they will showcase how and when AI was employed in a commercial workflow. They will also discuss the most effective ways to utilise these tools, while emphasising the importance of AI safety and transparency.

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