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Andrea Picchi | Collaborate Conference Bristol

Andrea Picchi

Lead Experience Designer at Sony Mobile

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Andrea Picchi is a designer with a cognitive psychology, computer science, and human-computer interaction background.

With more than 20 years of experience in product, service, and experience design field, in the past 10 years, he has been leading teams and personally contributing to the creation of integrated holistic experiences.

He had worked with, and for, companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia, but also Virgin Media, Ryanair and currently Sony Mobile.

While remaining focused on the craft of experience design, in the past years Andrea dedicates himself to the challenge of developing, nurturing, and scaling a design mindset inside an organisation.

Talk details

Going Beyond Design Thinking: The 3 Dimensions of a Design-Driven Company

Today, it is undeniable, the business world thinks that design is a valuable asset; companies are trying to bring this discipline in-house, and business schools have turned their attention to it in an attempt to refresh its own discipline.

Despite the positive momentum, why is design still struggling inside the vast majority of organisations? Why is design vastly misunderstood among business people and sometimes among designers too? More importantly, why is design, with the exclusion of few companies, still far from being organically part of any organisation’s DNA?

A complex set of factors are involved in this dynamic, but the key ones are deriving from the unclear notion of culture, the misinterpretation of the practice and benefits of design, and the misunderstanding of its core essence and objective.

Woefully, this scenario is undermining the growth of many designers and ultimately the adoption of design as a powerful business tool.

In this talk, we will analyse and decompose design as a discipline and a mindset, and we will illustrate how to adopt it, nurture it, and scale it across an entire organisation.

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