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Felicia Williams | Collaborate Conference Bristol

Felicia Williams

Creative Strategist at Facebook

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Felicia Williams is an internationally respected technologist, designer, writer and speaker with 15 years of experience working in virtual and augmented reality, fashion, interaction, and visual design.

Working as a Creative Director and design leader across multiple Fortune 500 companies, she has lead teams and created game-changing experiences on innovative devices like the Kinect and Microsoft’s HoloLens, the world’s first commercial AR device.

Most recently, she has joined Facebook as a Content Strategist, building and leading new teams as the company explores and builds its own ambitious AR strategy.

Talk details

Our Machines, Ourselves: Why Machine Learning Needs Diversity To Make The Best Products

Technology is a powerful platform upon which we can often see a reflection of our important cultural values and our boundless human spirit.

With the development and evolution of new computing paradigms like AR, VR and AI, we have the power to engage with technology in more meaningful ways.

While interfacing with our machines and they, in return, interfacing with us, we both gain the ability to learn and realise our potential.

As we build these important products of the future, it is more imperative than ever that we have strong, purposefully diverse teams, bringing new and challenging perspectives to the table in a effort to make our products better.

In this talk you’ll hear stories of opportunities missed and success achieved when diverse teams come together and make technological magic.

Watch Our Machines, Ourselves: Why Machine Learning Needs Diversity To Make The Best Products By Felicia Williams on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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