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Benjamin Rand | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Benjamin Rand

Global Head of Product Support at CMR Surgical

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Benjamin Rand is the Global Head of Product Support at CMR Surgical and leads the division responsible with keeping Versius, their globally-renowned surgical robot, available for the surgical team at any moment. His experience in Medical Technologies spans Commercial Service, Product Development, and Strategy driving towards the ambitious goal to “Transform Surgery. For Good.”


Having won multiple international awards in Customer Service, Customer Experience, and Professional Education, his focus today is building customer and user-centric programs and teams across multiple verticals to optimise and continuously improve the maintenance methodologies of complex medical equipment; transforming the care that patients receive.

Talk details

Transforming Service For Good: Bridging computational and human decisions to enable surgery

Versius™, CMR Surgical's highly-decorated surgical robot, is a highly complex collaborative system. Available in theatres around the world, the design of the Service Strategy required deep thought into the mix of human vs computational decisions. 


Questions such as: 


  • How do you rapidly diagnose complex problems in a mission-critical ecosystem?
  • What is the right product to develop to fix those problems?
  • How do you design away future surgical challenges?
  • How do you ensure patients can always get the care they need?

Benjamin and his team wouldn't claim to have perfected the answers to each of these yet, but this presentation will share the journey CMR Surgical has been on getting very close to them, as well as how they collaborate across the globe in multi-disciplinary teams to design product and services to answer those questions... For Good.

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