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Jeremy Baines & the Huboo Team | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Jeremy Baines & the Huboo Team

Huboo's UX Team at Huboo

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Jeremy Baines

Jeremy is Head of UX at Huboo having built UX teams from the ground up. Jeremy’s UX Lifecycle approach helped organisations ranging from start-ups to enterprises realise measurable business value through UX. He is an evangelist for technology and UX having appeared in numerous publications and at events. He was also elected a member of the prestigious International Society of Typographic Design.

Jeremy has published a book: UX Lifecycle – The business guide to implementing great software experiences. It is a guide for organisations starting their UX journey.

His unique approach to UX examines the interactions between organisations and their stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, members, suppliers and followers), paying particular attention to the touch points that shape the user journey.

Optimising each user experience and measuring the improvements in commercially focused metrics such as revenue, conversion, retention, satisfaction, service costs and productivity to demonstrate a tangible ROI.

Huboo was founded in 2017 by Martin Bysh and Paul Dodd, with headquarters and warehousing operations in Bristol, UK.

Originally launched to help start-ups and SME businesses get their products to customers quickly and cost-effectively, Huboo today makes comprehensive, software driven fulfilment across the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, with plans to continue to expand its scalable model globally.

Their Award-Winning tech was built by a team of 50+ highly skilled, highly engaged developers in the UK alone, rising to 200+ across UK & Europe by the end of 2022.

Huboo’s unique software driven operational model means they vertically integrate their fulfilment software, facilitating rapid, low capex, headless global expansion. They have a solid software developed in-house that powers their unique Hub Model managed by humans, which is the exact balance between tech and the human touch that the fulfilment process needs. Huboo integrates with many online marketplaces and sales channels to help eCommerce businesses grow.

Huboo are delighted to be part of Bristol-based Collaborate Conference 2022, UX design at Huboo means their merchants receive a high-quality experience from beginning to end through their online platform, seeing real-time updates on inventory, order status, billing and returns in this full stack user experience – this is eCommerce order fulfilment at its very best.

Talk details

Why are my UX goals not your priority?

Huboo’s Head of UX, Jeremy Baines will be asking unrehearsed questions to a panel of his product and development colleagues on how we prioritise UX in an ultra-fast-growing business.

The recently established Huboo UX team headed up by Jeremy has the task of evolving the product experience whilst Huboo’s growth refuses to slow down or take a break.

Together, Amy Hughes - Head of Agile, Aron Williams - Group Product Manager and Jon Day - Tech Lead will join Jeremy to uncover how UX gets viewed in the challenging environment of a scaleup.

Huboo is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce fulfilment companies, empowering brands, fuelling growth and fulfilling ambitions. This interactive session will enable you to understand how Huboo is growing its teams across the UK & Europe as well as building tech and designing experiences.

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