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Hany Rizk | Collaborate Conference Bristol

Hany Rizk

User Experience Strategy and Design at Volkswagen - Carmeq

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Hany fights for users, mindful design, and humane technology. Over the years, he has designed, managed, and launched multiple products for Berlin startups and other clients. In 2014, he co-founded a health and fitness startup called Somuchmore that was later acquired by Rocket Internet.

Hany is currently a member of the HMI team at Carmeq GmbH, part of the Volkswagen group, doing UX strategy and design for the digital transformation of VW. He is also a mentor at Startupbootcamp.

Talk details

Mindful Design: Building Products that Matter

Today’s mobile phones have more computing power than NASA had to land on the moon in the 1960s. Screens are now popping up everywhere, intrusive notifications distract us all day, and our attention spans are getting shorter. What ever happened to technology supposedly serving and assisting people, and why does it have to take over their lives? Do we really need all those devices and apps that we have?

Mindful design aims to build non-obtrusive, non-addictive, and needed products, that solve problems and add value to people's lives.

This talk will discuss how designers should shift their mindset from one that caters to screen-based devices and constant distractions, to one that leverages today’s powerful and ubiquitous technologies and creates subtle solutions for real world problems.

Watch Mindful Design: Building Products that matter by Hany Rizk on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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