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Alison Coward | Collaborate Conference Bristol

Alison Coward

Founder at Bracket

Collaborate Conference Flourish
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Alison Coward is the founder of Bracket and author of “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”. She is a strategist, trainer and workshop facilitator.

With over 15 years’ experience of working in, leading and facilitating creative teams, Alison is passionate about finding the perfect balance between creativity and productivity.

At Bracket she helps teams to use the best of their talents to develop great ideas and collaborate to make them happen.

Talk details

Great Workshops, Great Teams

Workshops are an essential part of our projects for gathering information and generating ideas. But sometimes the energy and motivation is lost soon after they finish. How can you make sure your workshops have a longer-term impact, to influence the way your team works together throughout a project?

In this talk, Alison will share her practical tips for designing and facilitating workshops that generate concrete outcomes, and how to keep the momentum going that contributes to a collaborative team culture.

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