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Kayode Olorunfemi | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Kayode Olorunfemi

VP, User Experience Lead at JP Morgan & Chase & Co

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Kayode Olorunfemi {pronounced ‘car-your-day’} is VP, UX Architect with JP Morgan & Chase, leading design for content creation & consumption for employee internal tools. Previously he was within JP Morgan Private Bank working on an award-winning advisor platform for ultra-high net worth clients. He considers his specialism simplifying complex platforms, especially in information architecture. 

Having a vast experience which spans over 16 years, Kayode considers himself fortunate to have worked with the likes of DXC Technology, Shell, S&P Global, ACE Insurance, Kaplan International, BUPA Global, Tails to mention a few.

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UXing Stakeholders

People first, always! This is a motto Kayode learnt over a decade leading user experience design for various companies, big and small.

Kayode (VP, UX Lead at JP Morgan & Chase) will take you through his personal journey of success and failure in collaborating with stakeholders. He will propose simple strategies you can employ early on in a project to help develop good working relationships that would pay dividends down the line when you are in the thick of things.

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