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Teak-Miu Tse | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Teak-Miu Tse

Director of Design Systems & Operations at Sky

Collaborate Conference Flourish
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Teak Tse is Director of Design Systems & Operations at Sky, supporting product design teams that look after Sky Glass, Sky News, Sky Sports and NOW.

From Hong Kong to London, Teak has designed product experiences at Orange, BBC, Skype and Sky, to name a few, and observed how different teams use design as a catalyst to bring different functions together to deliver great experiences; the question is, what parts are repeatable & reusable.

Talk details

Amplifying design, reducing friction, easing the pressure

As the complexity of organisations change and grow, so does the demand on design teams that create the product experiences. Designers are expected to wear many hats - this talk will explore how Sky Design, with design ops & systems, helps to amplify culture, collaboration and design practice.

Teak will share the design ops landscape at Sky, illustrate ways of bringing design teams together, collaborating cross-functionally and most importantly, nurturing people.

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