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Simon Norris | Collaborate Conference Bristol
Simon Norris head shot

Simon Norris

CEO and Founder at Nomensa

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In 2001, Simon founded Nomensa, a UX design company. He coined the phrase Humanising Technology to reinforce Nomensa’s belief that digital technology should be usable, accessible, and engaging.

With an academic background in Human Psychology, Human Biology, and Cognitive Science, Simon has turned the traditional view of Web design on its head, focusing on people’s emotions and experiences and enabling organisations to engage with their customers more deeply, meaningfully, and ultimately, more profitably.

In his role as CEO, Simon is responsible for the growth and strategic development of Nomensa. He also leads UX strategy and vision for many corporate clients, integrating and refining human centred–design techniques for them. Some of the world’s largest companies have asked Simon to create their corporate UX strategy and digital transformation programs.

Talk details

The Art of Collaboration 2.0

Collaboration is a critical ability and one that is more necessary than ever in a post-COVID world. Yet, it is no longer a simple matter of how we collaborate, but rather how well we collaborate.

Whilst collaboration is an inherent capacity within all of us, it still requires practice, and mastery. Through practice, better collaboration is possible. And with it positive personal and commercial outcomes can result.

This presentation will explore collaboration from the perspectives of the individual, the team, and the organisation.

We’ll look at some of the characteristics of each, and how we can incorporate them into our thinking and practice.

Watch 'The Art of Collaboration 2.0' by Simon Norris on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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