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Catalina Butnaru | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Catalina Butnaru

Ethics of AI Global Programme Lead at CIty AI

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Catalina Butnaru is a City AI and Women in AI Ambassador in London. She works with a local community of AI practitioners, researchers, academics, and professionals on democratising access to accurate information about the state of AI and its applications.

She was part of the IEEE’s Ethics in Action working groups, drafting ethical standards for AI and Autonomous systems, and developing measures of transparency, wellbeing and privacy in AI.

She is developing an agile ethics design process to help teams expand their responsibility when developing AI systems that will positively impact individuals and the society as a whole.

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What stands in the way of ethical AI?

As society negotiates ethical AI, companies need to learn how to manage, apply and prioritise ethical principles. Alternatively, AI suppliers need to demonstrate compliance with Ethical Principles and build in the habit of maintaining and improving its core alignment to Ethical Guidelines.

Regulators are catching up and the industry will soon need to comply with current definitions of ethical, legal and robust AI systems.

Balancing loosely defined roles with stakeholder pressure, Catalina’s talk will identify six detractors of Ethical AI. She will translate each Ethical Principle into responsibilities and actionable takeaways for each team member, as well as for the management board.

She demonstrates how the Minimum Ethical Product approach can be used to guide teams through applying Ethical recommendations without delaying product development.

Watch What stands in the way of ethical AI? by Catalina Butnaru on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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