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Eriol Fox | Collaborate Conference Bristol
Eriol Fox Headshot

Eriol Fox

Senior Product Designer at Ushahidi

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Eriol has been in product and UX design for close to a decade. Now working at Ushahidi, a humanitarian, non-profit technology leader, they develop open-source, digital tools that help people facing human rights issues, and natural and human-made disasters.

Eriol is a non-binary, queer person who uses they/them pronouns. As a LGBTQIA+ advocate, Eriol is deeply passionate about intersectional inclusion and promoting healthy attitudes towards mental health in the tech sector.

Talk details

Diverse representations in design and awkward conversations with colleagues

When working in UX design, people that need accessible and inclusive products and experiences often get referred to as ‘edge cases.’ This subsequently pushes them out of scope. It’s never easy to convince bosses or colleagues that aren’t themselves ‘edge cases’ to take the time and spend the resource caring for those that need more diverse design and representation in their visuals.

Eriol’s timely talk will explain how you can drive as much diversity and inclusivity in your work as possible. Eriol hopes that their approach will one day be the standard and that the companies and people they work for will consider everyone within their designs. They want us to generate products, services and marketing that reflects the whole world, not just our own image.

Watch Diverse representations in design and awkward conversations with colleagues by Eriol Fox on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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