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Verity McIntosh | Collaborate Conference Bristol
Verity Mcintosh head shot

Verity McIntosh

Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Virtual & Extended Realities at UWE Bristol

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Verity McIntosh is a researcher and senior lecturer in Virtual and Extended Realities at the University of the West of England.

Her research focuses on user experience design, the ethics of presence, access and inclusion in immersive experiences, and the simulation of risk. Verity has written and spoken about the metaverse around the world, including BBC World Service, ITV News, and in a recently co-authored IET report ‘Safeguarding the metaverse’ with CEO of Limina Immersive, Catherine Allen. The report has been discussed in the House of Commons and House of Lords, and in multiple print and media contexts.

Verity likes to talk and has spoken about the intersection of creativity and technology around the world, including at SXSW Interactive, Bilbao Design Week and Edinburgh Science Festival.

She also runs a pioneering industry-led, practice-based masters program in Virtual and Extended Realities, offering students the opportunity to develop their craft as immersive storytellers, adding VR/AR/XR to their creative toolkit, and critically engaging with the politics, business and culture of this emerging field.

Talk details

It’s A Kind of Magic

There has been a lot of chat lately about the ‘metaverse’ and it’s immersive step-parents, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The ability to build whole new worlds, to become the central character in a story, and to narrow the gap between our digital and physical selves can feel extraordinary. Magical even. It can also be a frustrating, confusing and expensive space to find yourself in when you try to tool up and team up to make something happen.

Verity will share her experience of what teams actually need to make great work in this new magical realm. She will talk about the collaboration needed to effectively cross the streams between technical and creative workflows, and offer some thoughts on designing for the metaverse.

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