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Georgia Rakusen | Collaborate Conference Bristol
Georgia Rakusen headshot

Georgia Rakusen

Design Research Lead at ConsenSys

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Georgia is Design Research Lead at ConsenSys, supporting companies building on the blockchain.  She helps designers and teams think about users and usability early on in their startup journey.

Georgia has previously worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands to deliver user insights, and she now spends time training others in how to get closer to their customers, facilitating empathy and understanding.

Talk details

Web 3.0: How blockchain will change the way we interact with one another

How will blockchain influence the way we interact with one another on the web? What is web 3.0, and what part does design have to play in shaping a future internet?

Georgia works at the leading blockchain development studio ConsenSys, and will shed some light on the features of blockchain technology that are going to fundamentally change - and improve - our ways of interacting and collaborating with one another.

No previous knowledge of blockchain is needed to be inspired by this talk.

She will show through examples how the move to a new type of internet is a cause for celebration, and demonstrate how important the role of design is to ensure that we create an improved system for all.

Watch Web 3.0: How blockchain will change the way we interact with one another by Georgia Rakusen on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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