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Jon Fisher | Collaborate Conference Bristol
Jon Fisher Headshot

Jon Fisher

Head of UX at Nomensa

Collaborate Conference Flourish
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Jon has been a UX professional for 18 years and has worked within web, software and product design.

His skill lies in balancing the needs of the end user against the business requirements of any given project and ensuring these are translated correctly into design.

He has practical, hands-on experience of all user research techniques, including planning, design, moderation, analysis and reporting. This vast experience enables him to oversee projects and ensure deliverables and outcomes are to a high standard, which has greatly supported rapid research projects.

Talk details

Falling between the cracks

Did the UX community really win the battle for user centred design?

Or did we win the war only to find ruling too difficult? As the inevitable fights over silos, processes, tools and KPIs came to define our daily conversations, did we lose sight of those core principles we fought so hard for?

But it is at the boundaries of collaborating teams and disciplines that true risk still lies. Pulling on experience across digital, product and safety engineering, Jon’s talk will examine what we have lost, at what cost and how we get it back. If experience really is the sum of all the parts working together, what dangers lurk beneath the veil of collaboration?

You can’t stop the danger if you don’t see it coming…

Watch Falling Between The Cracks by Jon Fisher on the Nomensa YouTube Channel

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