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Nis Bjorn | Collaborate Conference Bristol
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Nis Bjorn

Design Lead at MetaLab

Collaborate Conference Flourish
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Nis is a Design Lead at MetaLab. with more than 10 years of experience designing products and a masters degree in product development with a focus on design, strategy, research, prototyping and code.

He is particularly interested in lean design methodologies focused on executing from design to code and iterating on products with research and data, backed by holistic product strategy. He has worked both agency side and in-house at startups and enterprise organisations and his expertise ranges broadly from design craft, design systems and product strategy to team culture and leadership. Expertise include: Design craft, design systems, product strategy, team culture and leadership.

Talk details

How I stopped worrying and fell in love with the chaos

In this talk we will explore the mindset of a product designer and how they need the teams around them to create meaningful and valuable products in a world where nothing is true for long, and the truths you find are subjective, complicated or statistical.

When everything is changing around you, your superpower, as an individual and as a business, must be your ability to listen, observe and change. If what you do today impacts your ability to change tomorrow, you begin a descent  into a spiral of design debt, tech debt, increasing cost of change and people saying no to your hopes and dreams. And if you’re already there, clawing your way out should be the only todo on your agenda, so you can get back to iterating rapidly on your product and delivering tangible value for your users.

Leaving this talk, I hope you will feel liberated from the pressure of always being right, with  a fresh perspective on what it means to be a product designer.  I hope you will leave with an abstract, but clear understanding of the chaos around you. And I hope you will leave with a few new  tools, strategies, processes or vocabularies to turn your teams into a mean, lean, and most importantly happy, design machine.

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